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Wild Garden Bird Food & Feeders | Swift UK | Fast Delivery

Wild Garden Bird Food and Feeders  | Swift UK


We offer a range of wild bird foods, feeders, tables and nest boxes as well as other garden bird products to care for the wildlife in your garden.

Straight Feeds include, peanuts, whole and halves, mixed seeds, sunflower hearts and seeds, nyjer seed, suet pellets, suet treats and fat balls.

For feeding and caring our range of bird feeders includes seed and peanut feeders as well as more specialised feeders for nyjer, fat balls and other feeds, squirrel proof types are also available as well as bird baths and feeding stations.  There is also an expanding range of wooden handmade products made here in the UK.

Delivery & Payment is made simple and quick, £3.99 no matter what the order, any orders over £50.00 are free of charge. Order online and pay with almost any debit or credit card, or choose an express checkout option and pay via Paypal or Google Checkout.


     Mixed Wild Bird Seed

     Sunflower Hearts

     Sunflower Seeds

     Fat Balls

Nyjer Seed Feeders     Nyjer Seed

Nest Boxes     Suet Pellets

We are also diversifying the contents of our store and our product range to include the more unusual and bespoke, whether this be in design, concept or materials which includes metal, plastic and wood feeders by searching out manufacturers and suppliers across the world. Our range will soon include bespoke wild bird metal feeding stations and handmade wooden nest boxes & dove cotes.
Feeder Types
Our wild bird feeders range includes Nyjer seed, straight seeds, mixed seed, and peanut feeders, these are available in either metal, plastic and wood. Some of the wooden feeders are also handmade in the UK and constructed from long lasting redwoods.

Amongst our range you will also find heavy duty squirrel proof versions to protect the feed from unwanted guests.

Wild Bird Foods
Our range of wild bird food is always changing and includes Nyjer seeds, peanuts, mixed seeds, straight seeds, sunflower hearts, suet fat balls and suet pellets.

Feel free to browse are range above and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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